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ADSS/OPGW cable joint closure

ADSS/OPGW cable joint closure

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1output and 1output

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It is used in the intermediate connection joint in ADSS and OPGW cables.
Structure features:
1. The cable connector and yu long used to send type fiber, joint form of protection for the heat shrinkable casing reinforcement
2. The connector box adopts sealing ring and silica gel seal, operation is simple and repeatable open, convenient use and maintenance.
3. According to the requirements to optical cable joint box joint, and equipped with a dedicated tower with or stick with a fixed installation.
4. Save fiber plate aluminum bracket, the use of lighter, avoid the plastic stent fracture accident happened.
5. Into the nozzle with precision lathe processing, improve the sealing performance of a larger, to avoid the damage of fiber.
6. Alloy shell adopts electrochemical treatment, corrosion resistance, good performance.

Technical indicators:
1. The total length of 500 mm, outside diameter of 500 mm, inner diameter 180 mm.
2. Temperature performance: -40 °C + 60 °C.
3. The electrical strength: 15 kv dc, 2 minutes without breakdown.
4. The seismic performance: 10 6.
5. Sealing performance: 100 KPa, 72 hours, invariable unit pressure.
6. Maximum overall out diameter 22 mm, maximum number of 144 cores.
7. The service life of 50 years.

Order Note:
1. Please note the core number of the cable.
2. Please note the number of input ports, output ports and the corresponding cable diameter.
3. Cable storage for pole and tower. If you need cable storage for pole, please provide the pole diameter